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The goals of the program consists of the following: To help the youth participate in life-skills,
including leadership, self-confidence, communication, problem-solving, team- building, and
trust, To increase the perception of healthy lifestyles and a sense of purpose and future. To
provide the youth with adult mentors with healthy beliefs and clear standards. To offer long-term
mentoring and training programs that will create life-long relationships and long-term results. To
provide activities that allow youth to be successful in building social and behavioral skills. To
provide youth with activities in a caring and supportive environment. To provide youth with
opportunities to participate in activities that produce a sense of usefulness and responsibility, to
provide youth with clear and attainable goals. To help guide youth in making informed and
intelligent decisions about their future and become advocates for themselves

Teacher and Student

Mentor Program

The Mentoring Program will connect the youth with people who have
specific skills and knowledge. Participants in the program will be both young and old, they will
share their values and personal goals in a mutually respective and supportive way which leads to a more enriched life for both. This program will break down barriers and create
opportunities of success for the youth.

Modern Wooden House

Independent Living Skills Program

The Independent Living Skills program is designed to assist youth in transitioning. These weekly training sessions will cover workshops for various basic living skills. Typical topics will include budgeting, communication skills, safe sex, completing job applications, do’s & don’ts of the interview process, mock interview sessions, college
campus tours, landlord & tenant responsibilities. Individual services will consist of assistance with financial aid forms, job search, obtaining their birth certificate, and California ID card.

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Youth and young adults are able to participate in after school activities. I.E; sports, drama, art, and any school related extra curricular activities they may join. We will also provide activities for the members of the home to do while they are placed in our care.

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